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Micro Sized Subcage Now Ready for you to order from Surge Stunts 


  • Mounts to Surge Stunts and Stock OEM Subframe 
  • Designed & Manufactured in Kenosha WI 
  • Constructed from High Stregth 7g Steel
  • Sharpest Grit Grip Tape for Extreme Confidence 
  • Approx 55/45 Weight Distrabution 
  • Adjustable Mounting with Surge Stunts Subframe 
  • Tested by Surron_Neeks 
  • Extremely Durable - Withstands Most Broken Bone Crashes 


I will say this again, the MicroMini is equiped with the holes to mount to your OEM surron subframe. If and when you snap your OEM subframe, you can upgrade to a Surge Stunts Subframe with apsolutely ZERO modifications to the MicroMini. 

MicroMini Subcage

SKU: TinyPP69